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In response to the rapid growth in demand for the metal, British Aluminium started work – under the direction of its subsidiary the North British Aluminium Company Ltd. – on an even more ambitious hydro scheme, generating station, factory complex and company settlement at the head of Loch Leven in Northern Argyll-shire in 1904. 

This immense scheme took five years to be fully completed with full production being reached in 1909 (small quantities of aluminium were produced at a temporary factory further up the glen from 1907).  The scheme also included the immense Blackwater Dam (which remained the largest volume capacity dam in the UK until the 1950s) and a company village of Kinlochleven. 

By 1911, one-third of the world output of the primary metal was produced in the west Highlands. This metal was transported by sea and then land to the Company’s semi-fabrication plants in England.

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