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Further Reading

This section provides details of a limited selection of secondary texts and other related websites:

In English

Duncan C. Campbell, Global Mission: The Story of Alcan, Vols. I-III
(Montréal, 1985-1990) [The 3 volume official history of Alcan] 

British Aluminium Company Ltd., The history of the British Aluminium Company Limited 1894-1955, BACo Ltd., London, 1956 [This was the only official Company history produced by BACo]

Ludovic Cailluet, ‘The British aluminium industry, 1945-1980s: Chronicles of a death foretold?’, Cahiers d’histoire d’aluminium (CHA), Special Issue 1 (The European Aluminium Industry, 1945-1975), Paris, (2003), pp.73-88. [This was also published under the same title in the journal, Accounting, Business and Financial History, 11:1, (2001), pp.79-97.

G. Gordon Drummond, The Invergordon Smelter: A Case Study in Management (London, 1977) [Drummond was the manager of the Invergordon project, and subsequently became the managing director of BACo’s Primary Division in 1975].

Mary J. F. Gregor and Ruth M. Crichton, From Croft to Factory. The Evolution of an Industrial Community in the Highlands (Edinburgh, 1946).

William Y. Elliott, Elizabeth S. May, J. W. F. Rowe, Alex Skelton and Donald H. Wallace, International control in the non-ferrous metals (New York, 1937), specifically chapter VI by Donald Wallace.  [Though this is now 70 years old, it provides an excellent account of trends in the global market for aluminium up until the mid-1930s].

Peter L. Payne, The Hydro.  A study of the Development of the Major Hydro-Electric Schemes undertaken by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board (Aberdeen, 1988).

Merton J. Peck, Competition in the aluminium industry 1945-1958 (Cambridge MA, 1961).

George David Smith, From monopoly to competition. The Transformations of Alcoa, 1888-1986 (Cambridge, 1988). [The official history of the Aluminium Company of America].

Ronnie E.Utiger, Never Trust an Expert. Nuclear Power, Government and the Tragedy of the Invergordon Smelter (London, 1995).

In French

Ivan Grinberg and Florence Hachez-Leroy (eds.), Industrialisation et sociétés en Europe occidentale de la fin du XIXe siècle à nos jours. L’Âge de l’aluminium
(Paris, 1997).

René Lesclous, Histoire des sites producteurs d’aluminium. Les choix stratégiques de Pechiney 1892-1992 (Paris, 1999).  [Although this focuses on the French aluminium giant Aluminium Pechiney, it provides an excellent overview of the economics of aluminium production].

Paul Morel (ed.), Histoire technique de la production d’aluminium. Les apports français au développement international d’une industrie (Grenoble, 1992).  [This provides a comprehensive overview of technical and scientific developments in the industry].